This School was started in the year 1842. Till 1888 this was continuing as a preliminary educational institution,but in 1888, this attianed the status of an AngloVernacular School. After that this school has been upgraded as an English Middle school.

C.M.S.U.P. School, Kodukulanji
cms ups
C.M.S.U.P School old

A Girl’s School also was opend for educating only girls. From the year 1950 to 1965, the school had functioned in a better way with more than 40 Teachers and over 1500 pupils from the neighbouring villages also. This was the only English Middle School in a 10 kilometer redius. As the school building is over 100 years old, it is high time that to reconstruct this old and dilapidated school building.

For the past 165 years, CMS Upper Primary School, founded in 1842, has shone brightly as a beacon in this typically rural area of Kerala. Ever since its inception, the school has brought hope and courage to thousands of young people hailing from far and near who have crossed its portals, at a time when there was no other primary school for miles around. It was started as a primary school in 1842 and was upgraded to upper primary level in 1888. In the same year the school assumed the status of an Anglo-vernacular school, a rare institution in the region that imparted education in the medium of English. To encourage and promote the edification of girls, there was a girls’ section attached to the school. In 1950 the school could boast of more than 40 teachers and 1500 pupils. But today the numbers are considerably reduced following the mushroom growth of private and self-financing English medium schools, which only the affluent can afford. But the CMS UP School is still the haven of poor sections of the society who cannot dream of sending their children to private schools. CMS UPS is a government-aided school. But aid is limited to staff salaries and does not include construction of buildings or maintenance of infrastructure.

The school has played a vital role in the social, economic, cultural and religious development and progress of this once remote village. It has provided quality education and sound religious and moral orientation to its pupils free of cost. Today the school is proud of its illustrious alumni who are found in influential positions not only in the tiny state of Kerala but also all over the world. There are eminent doctors, engineers, clergy, teachers, social workers, politicians, administrators and skilled personnel of great variety among its alumni.


The school that still caters to the educational needs of the weaker sections of the public is accommodated in the cramped quarters and dilapidated building that have withstood the ravages of time. It is high time to think about shifting the school to a better and stronger building where the staff and students can safely learn or work or play, or in short, function as a normal school. The new building should have enough class rooms to accommodate a large number of students in addition to laboratories, a library, computer room, and so on.

Plans have been drawn and the estimated cost of constructing the proposed building is Rs 50 lakhs.

The CSI Christ Church has taken up the building project with the wholehearted support of the Old Students’ Association and the blessings of the Bishop and diocesan authorities. The construction work is in progress as monetary contributions from friends and well wishers are trickling in. The Church wishes to approach, on the one hand, all those who have in one way or another benefited from the services of this school and, on the other hand, all others who would acknowledge the valuable and irreplaceable role of an aided church school in a rural situation.