Christ Church Vidyapith, Kodukulanji Report 2012 -2013

As part of my duty as principal of the school, I take it as a privilege to present this report to the members of Christ Church, Kodukulanji.

Christ Church Vidyapith has been in existence for the last 13 years and the school is housed in a serene atmosphere comprising of 5 acres of prime land, which the educational authoritiies certify as the best location for a school in the area.

Our school started for the current academic year on 4th June 2012 after our usual retreat under the leadership of Very Rev. Jacob P. Samuel. We have a total strength of 17 teachers, Principal, Bursar, three ayahs, and two drivers. Out of the 17 teachers (12) twelve of them are highly qualified and their number increases. During the academic year we had a number of activities in addition to an inspection by the DEO Mavelikara.

Our entire teachers have taken part in teacher’s seminar conducted at Hawksworth Secondary School Thiruvalla, and the seminar was inaugurated by our Bishop Rt. Rev.Thomas K. Oommen. Teachers also attended Spoken English Workshop held at Bishop Moore Vidyapith at Mavelikara. The students took part in the cultural fest at Bishop Moore Vidyapith Cherthala. We, the Christ Church Vidyapith has hosted this years Inter school quiz competition and it was attended by Prof. Koshy Ninan, Manager, self-financing schools of Madhya Kerala Diocese, Very Rev. Jacob P. Samuel Manager of Christ Church Vidyapith, Abraham George, Principal, Hawksworth Secondary school, Thiruvalla and many other teachers of other schools.

This year students were taken out to Kannyakumari as a part of the school tour. Both students and teachers enjoyed the trip. Nursery students were also taken out for a one-day picnic. School cultural and sports competitions were conducted in the School and the winners were awarded medals and trophies. As usual, Onam and Christmas celeberations were held with enthusiasm and traditional gaiety. Independence day and Republic day were all observed proving ourselves to be proud Indians. School Governing council and regular working Committee meetings were held to discuss problems facing the school. Parent teacher’s meeting were also held as part of the school activity.

Often it comes to my mind, why an institution in Kodukulanji cannot survive. A place, full of resources in every respect; is there any difficulty in running an institution by the Church? If we work with a sense of dedication and determination, I think we can move forward successfully. A sincere effort and hard work can bring success against all odds. I do not claim to have these qualities, but I know the values and importance of them; may be this has helped us to get NOC for our school. Kodukulanji Church can run a modern school successfully like our schools in Mavelikara, Kayamkulam and Cherthala. We have a total area of 5 acres of dry land as a single unit, which is not available in any part of kodukulanji. This means the school can be expanded and developed to any extent and the school is ideally located close to the road and at the same time sufficiently inside to have a peaceful atmosphere with ample protection for the Children against outside interference.

We applied for NOC to the Govt., some six (6) years before, but the LDF Govt. refused to give NOC to self financing schools. Only when the present UDF Govt. came to power the Hon: Chief Minister with his council of Ministers changed the policy and with strict norms NOC is given to private schools.

But we had a tough time and by the Grace of God we have overcome all the obstacles and unprecedented man made problems against us and reached the present stage. At this juncture let me quote a verse from the Holy Bible ‘‘If God is for us, who can be against us’’ Let us make use of this opportunity and work together to make the school the best in the state if not in the country.

I have great pleasure to mention the name of our Achan Very Rev. Jacob P. Samuel, since he has been available at all times for every function in the school. I thank Achan for his enthusiasm and sincerity in his involvement in running the school. Achan has been supporting whole heartedly for getting NOC for the school.

Rev. Chandy Jose has been for the past decade enquiring and involving in the smooth running of the school and always available for all functions. I congratulate and thank Achen for his selfless service to the school.

Mr. Cheriyan C. Abraham is serving the school as the Bursar and looks after the financial funds of the school. I thank him for his Service.

Dr. Siju Paul, Mr. C.T. Kuruvila, Mrs. Liby Elizabeth Mathew and the two church wardens who are the members of the working committee, are contributing their time and energy for the welfare of the school, I thank them for their service.

The church committee members, and the members of the church are anxiously waiting to see that the school is affiliated and their support to the school is highly appreciated. I sincerely thank the Church Committee and the members of the Church.

With profound love and gratitude, I thank all those who have helped to get NOC for this school and thank the Almighty God for his care and blessing showered upon us and conclude my report by submitting myself completely before Him.

Thank you,

M. V. George

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